Linda Gibbs

Linda Gibbs is a graduate of the Gaia School of Healing. Following the school’s practice of selecting one’s own sobriquet, Linda has claimed the title Earth Muse—one who shares the skills necessary to heal the earth, inspire the Gods, and co-create with the spirits of nature.

Linda has co-taught Gaia Rhythms for two years now, contributing her knowledge of biodynamic preparations and permaculture philosophy she learned while earning her Permaculture Design Certificate from Occidental Arts & Ecology Center. She is also a Soil Advocate for Kiss the Ground, teaching how regenerating the soil can reverse climate change. A perpetual student of life, Linda has recently become a Scholar in the Orphan Wisdom School, a teaching house that is part history, all culture, mostly spirit, and hugely ancestral

Linda is married to composer Richard Gibbs. Together they have created Woodshed Recording Studio & Gardens in Malibu, raised three brilliant children and are now grandparents.