Open Your Intuition Course


The Gaia School of Healing CA is honored to offer a new course for our 2019 ~ 2020 Gaia School year, “Open Your Intuition” taught by Judy Nelson. Judy is a clairvoyant, energy healer, and a Gaia graduate. With decades of teaching internationally and a thriving practice, we are delighted to share this opportunity of journeying with Judy in this four class series, on a path towards increasing our clairvoyant abilities. 

Registration is Closed.

Classes meet on the following Sundays from 9:30 - 4:30:

October 6th :: November 3rd :: December 1st :: January 12th 

Class 1: Open Your Intuition

Your intuition is one of your greatest, natural-born gifts. This is Your time to walk Your spiritual path and step into Your full intuitive power.  Quiet your mind, find your center, clear your energy field, get grounded, be still and listen – that is when you receive the spiritual knowingness that reaches beyond all space and time, that transcends logical reasoning, yet is grounded in reality and applicable to your life right now - today!  It takes a bit of practice to awaken this skill and give it some muscle so you can receive strong, clear messages. You’ll find that through this course, it can happen quickly, and day-by-day, as you use the skills of grounding, centering, and clearing, your intuition can grow in leaps and bounds.  To me, this is the most exciting spiritual experience of a lifetime – to be connected with the most evolved part of who you truly are, so you can live surrounded by your Highest Guidance.  You don’t have to seek it outside of yourself anymore.  The answers really do lie within you.  Here, you will learn how to find them.


Class 2: Clearing the Psyche

Our experiences are imprinted on our psyche – the good, the bad, and the ugly (not to sound ‘Hollywood’ here, but it’s true)!  We carry with us everything we’ve experienced, and we condense these memories down into photographs that capture what happened, what we felt, and how it has continued to affect us even now.  But we are not who we were back then.  We cannot function optimally if we keep getting dragged back to that place and time, even if it was a wonderful experience.  To truly function at your best, you need to be present in the here and now, with all of your energy accessible to you and not tied up in the past.  In spiritual work, we call those old memories or photographs of your past experiences “PICTURES.”  In this course, you will learn to view your own pictures, understand the deeper meaning in them, and clean and store them so that you release your attachment to them, any trauma resulting from them, cords that bind you to them, or patterns that you repeat because of them.  The more pictures you clean, the more intuitive you become.  It’s easy to learn, easy to do, and so healthy for you.  Here, you will learn to de-energize your pictures and live more fully in the present.


Class 3The Rose Reading

One of the most beautiful and insightful intuitive skills you will ever learn is to read the symbolism of the Rose by doing a “Rose Reading.”  Whether you are looking at yourself or another person to understand how your or their energy operates in the world, or you are using the Rose to understand the energy that a specific situation presents, the Rose can symbolically tell you how the energy is flowing and how it is stuck.  Then, you can shift your energy to deal with yourself, others, or a situation from a higher spiritual perspective, with great “knowingness.”  Here, you will learn this beautiful, intuitive skill.  Develop your ability to look at how you or another person’s energy connects with their Higher Spiritual Self as well as with all aspects of life as we live through love, work, and our relationship with ourselves and others on the planet.


Class 4:  Your Radiant Aura

You have an amazing energy field around your body called your aura.  It is a multi-layered, metaphysical miracle that protects you, sends and receives messages, holds information, and helps you process everything and everyone.  It is where you open up your energy and create, so we could call your aura your “creative workshop.”  It is a treasure-filled adventure to be able to read the aura.  Each layer holds distinct information about how you are interacting with life - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  When your aura layers are healthy, they look colorful and vibrant to the third eye.  When your aura layers are gray and murky, you feel confused.  When you aura layers are heavy, you feel overwhelmed.  When your aura layers are wispy, you’re just not all here.  Your layers also hold many memories filled with information that can affect you in the present moment.  By learning to read the layers of the aura, you learn to see life force energy with your third eye as it vibrates in and around you.  This leads to a deep understanding of where you flow and where you’re blocked, which then allows you to start freeing yourself from old patterns, traumas, and self-defeating scripts.  The clearer your aura is, the more vibrant and alive you feel.  You create more of what you truly want, and you become aware of the wisdom within you that you never even knew was there.  Learning to read the layers of the aura speeds up your intuitive growth and catapults you into a higher level of spiritual awareness.  Here, you will add this powerful skill to your spiritual toolkit.   It will help you shift your energy so you can shine with your full brilliance!

The following intuition skills will be covered in our four class series:

·         Grounding

·         Centering

·         Running Energy

·         Connecting with the Higher Self

·         Working with your Auric Body

·         Connecting with your Soul

·         Dialoguing with Spirit

·         De-Energizing Mental Image Pictures

·         The Spiritual Meaning of Colors

·         Accessing Your Chakra System

·         Mock-Ups

·         Reading the Rose

·         Reading the Layers of the Aura

·         Past, Present, and Future Screens

·         Reading Future Potential

·         Relationship Readings

·         Shifting Mind, Body, and Emotions

·         Releasing Programming and Karma

·         Living Connected To Your Higher Purpose

Participants will receive a beautiful handout and live-recorded meditations each class to support home practice of the skills.

This course is open to anyone interested, regardless of their gender, orientation, ethnicity, belief system, or past experience.


“I was blessed to have Judy as a Clairvoyant teacher—she has the highest ethical standards of any metaphysical practitioner I have ever met.”

—Julie Seibert


“Out of all the people I have ever encountered in my life I can say Judy Nelson has made the greatest positive impact on my life. She is the type of teacher I have been searching for, for many years.”

—Claudia Garza


“I was very impressed by her ability to ‘read’ me. Everything she said could not have been more true. After meeting with her, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me and had more trust in myself and the direction I needed to take in life.”

—Cynthia Della Ripa


“Just a few of the things I love about Judy’s Clairvoyant class are her professionalism, high integrity  in dealing with all types of people and circumstances, her compassion, understanding and genuine concern for people and their well being.”

—Christine Starczak

Judy Nelson

Judy Nelson

 Judy Nelson is a clairvoyant, energy healer, and a graduate of the Gaia Apprenticeship.  Judy currently has a thriving private practice in Santa Monica, California, that reaches world-wide through the wonders of modern technology.  She teaches specialized in-person meditation, healing, and intuitive courses in Santa Monica and Tokyo, Japan.  Judy is co-author of the book Sound Healing:  Ease Chronic Pain.  Look for her new book coming out in 2020!  Judy’s joy is to help people find their true selves, and therefore their true path in life.