REGISTRATION for the 2019 Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship is Closed.

If you would like to be notified by email for the upcoming registration, please email us and ask to be put on our pre registration/ wait list. This is the best way to guarantee a spot in the course. Our email is:

Please do not send any deposits before this time. Any deposits received before registration opens will be returned. Putting down a deposit does not guarantee a spot in the apprenticeship. You will be notified of acceptance.

This Apprenticeship is open to anyone interested, regardless of their gender, orientation, ethnicity, belief system, past experience, or knowledge of plants. We have both advanced students and beginners as apprentices, men, women, and genderqueer. Though the course does often stress the energy of the Mother present in the earth, both yin and yang energies present in all things is honored. Women tend to be the majority in our apprenticeships but green men, and genderqueer people are greatly appreciated in our circle.