Our Story

The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education has offered a variety of courses and workshops in sacred plant medicine over the last 18 years in New England and internationally. The school was founded by Sage Maurer in 2000 in New England and in 2014 Marysia Miernowska, a Gaia School graduate, opened up a branch of The Gaia School of Healing in Los Angeles, California. Sage and Marysia now both run Gaia School retreats internationally and offer courses year round in Southern Vermont and Los Angeles, CA.

At The Gaia School of Healing we are seeking to find our home again, our root, a way of living in connection to the Earth Mother. We seek a way of healing ourselves and the damage we have caused and continue to cause to the rest of our earth community. We are seeking to rebirth old ways of living peacefully on Gaia, supporting the diversity of life on earth. We understand that it is only through all beings on earth continuing to live and thrive in health that we ourselves will thrive.

We learn from the plants as our most wise grandparents. They teach us of our often confused and anxious minds, how to heal our bodies we have lost touch with, how to listen to spirit and to ourselves. They help us to connect, to open our dreaming minds, to see beyond our limited structures. We call on the plants to teach us their deep knowing of life and death, so that we can begin to heal ourselves and each other.

It is in the spirit of sustainability that we teach about living in harmony with all of life on earth, working to heal ourselves, our families, communities, and Gaia. We practice mindfulness when we harvest our medicinal plants, re-planting endangered and over harvested medicinal plants that have been taken for profit, and teaching respect towards all living beings.

We seek to re-learn and re-educate ourselves in sustainable earth-honoring ways of living, producing and re-using our own resources. We awaken together to the impact we have on Gaia and other living beings. We focus on local plant medicines available to all, supporting sustainable agriculture and business practices. In the spirit of union rather than competition we learn to serve each other, living not just for ourselves and our own gain, but for the well being and health of all Beloved living beings. It is in this spirit that we seek to grow and learn together at The Gaia School, joining together in sacred community for our collective well-being.

β€œThe part can never be well unless the whole is well.”