The Gaia School CA

The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education California


The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education offers The Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship -- a 10 month long course in folk herbalism, plant spirit medicine, holistic healing and Earth-centered spirituality.

The Gaia School has trained thousands of herbalists in The Wise Woman Tradition of Healing & Plant Spirit Medicine. Founded by Sage Maurer in New England in 2000, The Gaia School has been rooted in Vermont and in 2014, The California Branch opened under the direction of Gaia School alumnus and teacher Marysia Miernowska.

The California Branch serves to bring students into deep practices of nourishment, regeneration, healing, connection and devotion.

Our 2019 ~ 2020 offerings include:

Marysia Miernowska's work in healing land and people includes Regenerative Land &  Sacred Garden Design Consultations, Herbal Healing consultations offered at Wild Love Apothecary, Ceremony, special events & retreats, public speaking & writing. We warmly invite you to preorder her new book.

We invite you to learn more about our offerings in Malibu & Topanga, to donate to our Herbalism is Activism Branch, and to contact us with any inquiries or ideas on how we can serve the land and people we love. 


I have some prayers for you. 
They are spilling out of my prayer basket and trickling into your wild heart. 
Hear them and they will grow like nettle shoots in the spring:
I pray that you come to trust in your own spirit power. 
I pray you can put the power of prayer to work for you in your daily life.
I pray that you understand that herbs are not drugs. 
They carry powers and properties not measurable by scientific means. 
They are gifts from Great Mother intended for your spiritual, emotional, and physical sustenance. 
Herbs will assist you greatly along your life and spirit path.
I pray that you open your wild heart and learn to listen to the herbs. 
They are important friends and allies and have many secrets to share with you.
- Gail Faith Edwards



Come journey with the sacred healing plants

The Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship is a 10 month long course in folk herbalism, plant spirit medicine, holistic healing, and earth-centered spirituality. 

 Join us as we come together each year to walk the medicine path, deepening our relationships with the spirits of the earth,  ourselves, and the gifts of healing surrounding us...



 A Journey of Self care and Earth care, through the Great Wheel

In our sacred circle, with our human and plant teachers as our guides, we weave ourselves back to wholeness, tending to the wild inside of us and around us.

Through restoring the ancient knowledge of plant medicine, and teaching innovative regenerative earth practices of tending land & biodynamic gardening, we hope to heal the separation that has occurred between ourselves and nature and awaken a collective drive to protect the Earth. Marysia Miernowska along with special guest teachers offer hands on embodied learning for each of the four seasonal gatherings.

The portals we enter are:

RELEASE : Fall : October 12 - 14

REST : Winter : Jan 11 - 13

AWAKEN : Spring : March 8 - 10

THRIVE : Summer : May 17 - 19

Each gathering offers plant meditations, herbal medicine making, ancestral skills, music, embodied movement offerings, local hikes, regenerative Earth work, journal time, ritual, community feasting, food medicine.

Together, as one, we are Gaia. Blessed be.

Gaia Rhythm Retreats are open first to graduates of The Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship. To learn more, or for us to contact you if there is an available space, please email us

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The Gaia School of Healing’s Herbalism As Activism branch offers education and workshops to underserved communities. Our commitment is to make Earth medicine people’s medicine, arming communities with the tools, educational opportunities and resources they need to heal themselves and thrive.



Events & Workshops


We at The Gaia School of Healing California are in dynamic devotion, often joyfully collaborating with other activists, musicians, farmers, speakers, teachers, and also offering our work at conferences, events, for media, etc.  Sign up for our mailing list to receive invitations to our special events and visit our Events Calendar below. Join our Farm Box program, to visit the land we tend and receive a box of seasonal, freshly picked produce and hand crafted products. In addition to hosting gatherings at the farm, we bring our offerings to Wild Love Apothecary, in the heart of Topanga.